Welcome to OPENBEAT

We launched "OPENBEAT" with the idea of music that all the people, author, player and listener can use freely.

At the time we had Linux and GNU around us. So, at the start, we tried to adapt these for music and made "OPENBEAT GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" and "LESSER OPENBEAT GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" following GNU's example.

OPENBEAT started in Japanese. It has not been fully translated into English yet. So, we apologize if you c an not understand this web page. If you like our site, won't you join OPENBEAT and help us to translate to english. Also, give us ideas on new designs and points of view for the OPENBEAT ENGLISH PAGE(coming soon ).

However, NOW, you can still download the sounds in this site. Please listen to them. We are always looking for artist who agree with the OPENBEAT attitude. Please enjoy our site!


 私達は、作者、演奏者、聴衆者等全ての人が自由に扱うことの出来る音楽を求めて、OPENBEATを始めました。その時、我々の周りには、Linuxがあり、GNUがありました。まずは、これを音楽に適応させ見ようと言うことから、始め、「OPENBEAT GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE」と「LESSER OPENBEAT GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE」をGNUを手本に作ってみました。